ProKnee’s AP16 All Purpose Kneepad


1 Pair AP16® All Purpose Kneepads

Choose From 2 Foam Insert Thicknesses: 1″ or 5/8″

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In 2016, our latest offering is the AP16®. This new class of All Purpose Kneepads uses as many of the Model 0714® features as possible, along with a few patent pending features of its own.

ProKnee’s AP16 All Purpose Kneepad is a one of a kind while staying true to ProKnee’s® fit, form and function.

ProKnee’s® knee pocket shape and flat bottom design helps stabilize knee joint, which can reduce joint wear-out and knee burn pain.

Check out our informative care instructions to help make your ProKnee kneepads last as long as possible. For more information on ProKnee’s AP16 All Purpose Kneepad visit the ProKnee Website.

ProKnee AP16 Smart LockAP16 Smart Lock

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Foam Inserts

5/8", 1"


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