AP16® Replacement Parts

ProKnee AP16 Kneepad

In 2016, our latest offering is the AP16®. This new class of All Purpose Kneepads uses as many of the Model 0714® features as possible, along with a few patent pending features of its own.

The AP16® Kneepad is a one of a kind while staying true to ProKnee’s® fit, form and function.

ProKnee’s® knee pocket shape and flat bottom design helps stabilize knee joint, which can reduce joint wear-out and knee burn pain.

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NEW Patent Pending SmartLock PLUS Quick Release Buckles

Automatically locks in your perfect strap length with just a pull to give you a comfortable fit you can work in all day long ergonomic, larger format buckle is easy on the fingers

ProKnee AP16 New Smartlock

ProKnee never stops innovating, new in 2021!

ProKnee AP16 Wider Straps

WIDER Adjustable Straps

Pre-angled to allow two different strap placement options for wearer’s desired comfort level.

ProKnee AP16 New Tucked In Liners


Offer a snug, stay-in-place fit

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How To Replace AP16® Tucked In No Wrinkle Liner
Replacing Cushion Insert
ProKnee AP16 SmartLock
ProKnee AP16 SmartLock Plus Buckle
How To Fit The New SmartLock® Plus Buckle